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Visuals can transcend language barriers, making them effective for communicating with diverse audiences.
Images and videos can convey messages to people who speak different languages or have varying levels of literacy.

Studies show that visual information is processed 60,000 times faster than text and is more likely to be retained.

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When complex ideas are explained visually they are easier for others to understand and accept. And, you gain more clarity into your own ideas helping you level up which makes buy in even easier. 

Make Complex

Making the complex simple is Jefta Bade’s speciality. As a rocket scientist, industrial designer, and artist he is able to synthesize your most complex concepts, systems, and workflows into a simple to understand visual asset.

Present with

One of the greatest experiences for Jefta is witnessing his clients present their work with an incredible level of confidence. When you can explain complex concepts with confidence you gain buy in with ease.


by Ideas



Some of my favorite Use Cases 

My work disarms my clients and often helps them see their vision so clearly that they realize they were not that far away from an aligned solution”

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