Giving Your Vision

Clarity & Depth

Enabling Your Ability to Make Change Happen

Our Process Together is a Journey of bringing together logic and creativity in a powerful way that influences entire organizations directions

Empowering & Transformational Experiences 

We start with creating the conditions of the state of flow.

When my clients start they are often facing large complex challenges. The moods can be tense. They often come to the table exhausted by the volume of energy already spent on these challenges. 

I help guide my clients and their teams through these complexities resulting not only in the tangible drawing, but also resulting in an experience that is empowering and often relieving. 

And, we have fun creating something great together!

The Tangible


Of course my clients are also expecting a tangible result, the drawing. 

Seeing Clearly Enables You

Unleashing Your Ability to Execute on Your Visions

You become a powerful
change maker in action

I don’t just solve the problems on the professional level. You are the expert of the problem, my job is to create a safe creative environment that is collaborative and fun. 

My work disarms my clients and often helps them see their vision so clearly that they realize they were not that far away from an aligned solution. 

It's all about Authentic Collaboration between
the artist, visionaries, and their teams.

artist, visionaries,
and their teams.


The extraordinary world of authentic collaboration and it’s contrast to most people’s experience

I had a client who was brilliant with a powerful vision that they struggled to clarify enough for their team to buy in. The struggle was frustrating and confounding. 

Once the conditions were set to collaborate with a highly trained and experienced visual artist and the visionary. Complexity vanished, buy in was achieved with relative ease, and visions became powerful realities forever changing the trajectory and cooperation of the organization at large.

Resistance &

I have a Buddhist friend that reminds me frequently that suffering comes from resistance or grasping. 

Through the process of creating clarity we align the team and their leaders to remove resistance while opening the team to new possibilities. 

Flow is achieved. The flow state is described like being in the zone. 

Quote flow: 

  • What it takes to achieve this
  • Suffering and Resistance

Beyond the
Board Room
What happens next

The extraordinary outcome that becomes achievable and repeatable.

The team is armed with the tools to…

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