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Young Farmers Transform the Landscape: A Visual Plan for a Thriving Future

This project showcases how a well-crafted visual can break down complex issues, foster clear communication, and build consensus among diverse stakeholders.


About the Organization

The Dutch polder landscape embodies centuries of innovation. This project shows how tradition meets new ideas to address the challenges of an aging farming population.

The Challenge
A sensitive issue – the future of retiring farmers’ lands – created uncertainty. Young farmers saw opportunity, but needed a persuasive way to communicate their vision.
The Methodology

In just two calls, I captured the key elements of the plan and distilled them into a transformation visual. This focused the discussion and highlighted the possibilities of a revitalized polder.

The Outcome

The visual gave a clear voice to the young farmers. It garnered support from the larger community and even secured crucial buy-in from provincial government, allowing the land redistribution project to move forward.


“Always a pleasure working with Jefta as he transforms our sometimes vague descriptions, visions and ideas into clear and simple to understand visuals. “
Bram Bos


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