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Visual Clarity – Uncovering an Internal Cultural Divide That Threatened Growth


About the Organization

Forever Direct, the international logistics arm of a skincare company, shipping to over 127 countries.

The Challenge
More and more unhappy clients yet a strong counter undercurrent on the workfloor.
The Methodology

Through several conversations we identified a disconnect between operational efficiency goals and the importance of customer satisfaction. I then designed engaging workshops for leadership and workfloor staff to visualize and align on a shared vision.

The Outcome

A shared visual story that highlighted the importance of customer satisfaction, leading to improved processes, happier clients, and a lasting impact on the company culture. The visual continues to be used in onboarding and performance evaluations, reinforcing the focus on service excellence.


“Jefta was a great help in figuring out the undercurrent and visualizing our shared ambition. Years later we still use his work to onboard and align our workforce.”
Niels Hommel (CEO)


Body of Work

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