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Visual Storytelling – A Name and Identity Change for an Education

With the new name we also gave this national board of the Finance & Control education a new meaning by visualizing the new identity.


About the Organization

The national organization responsible for Finance and Control education in the Netherlands.

The Challenge
Communicating the ‘meaning’ of the new Finance and Control curriculum to 15 applied universities, moving beyond technical skills to highlight the role of finance in the broader business landscape.
The Methodology

Through in-depth conversations with the core team, I extracted the key insights and values of the curriculum, then visually mapped them into a clear and compelling story. The brown paper sketch was later translated into a digital drawing for wider distribution.

The Outcome

We went from brown paper drawing to digital. The visual representation of the Finance and Control curriculum captivated audiences, sparked conversations, and even inspired a newsreader-style presentation at some universities.
The drawing’s success led to its translation into English and German, extending its impact beyond national borders.


“It’s amazing how Jefta can quickly get to the essence of what we mean to say. It seems like a tangle of spaghetti to us, but he filters out the core message AND makes a beautiful drawing out of it. “
Eveline Kapteijn


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