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Visualizing Vision – How One Educator’s Dream Turned Into an Actual School in 18 Months!

ransformed a vision for a more holistic school from scattered ideas in our minds to a clear plan that sparked action, leading to the opening of SOL-Academy.


About the Organization

A brilliant educator with a dream of creating a healthier, more wholesome school.

The Challenge
The educator had a powerful vision but struggled to turn it into a tangible plan as all elements where connected to one-another.
The Methodology

facilitated a collaborative brainstorming session to capture the essence of the vision, then visualized the key concepts in a detailed drawing with a clear narrative arc. Basically go from a tangled mess of spaghetti to a clear narrative.

The Outcome

A shared visual story empowered the educator and a core team to take action, leading to the establishment of SOL-Academy, which opens its doors in September 2024.


Mariana Castro Castilla


Body of Work

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