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Visualizing Hospitality – How One Company Visualized Their Unique Hospitality Experience

As we were growing fast and we worried the dream of the founder could not be transferred to the team.
After working with Jefta all 7 of us had the same vision in front of us. We now all tell the same story to clients. We are ready for more growth.


About the Organization

Stragiefabriek, a company Based in Amsterdam, providing unique co-working spaces for corporate teams.

The Challenge
Align a growing team around the company’s vision and effectively communicate their unique value proposition (hospitality focus, long table setting, etc.) to potential clients.
The Methodology

A facilitated day-long session using the 9-Field Structure and the “3-30-300” marketing tool to prioritize key messaging. This process culminated in the creation of a single-page visual capturing the essence of Stragiefabriek’s vision and hospitality experience.

The Outcome

A unified team with a clear understanding of the company’s vision and value proposition. Improved internal communication and a consistent message delivered to clients.


“Working together with Jefta gave so much energy. He guided us through the day. At first I was worried because we were dumping so much information on him. Pages full of notes. Yet managed to quickly bring it together into a drawing, that we all loved!”
Taetske Dekker


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