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Visualizing Vision – Successfully Involving all Educators of DAPA

Turning a group of passionate educators into a united team with a clear vision for their school, and they had a blast doing it!


About the Organization

DAPA (Dutch Academic Academy of Performing Arts), a school for musical theater performers and creators in the Netherlands

The Challenge
Getting a bunch of teachers from different creative disciplines (think drama, dance, singing) to agree on a shared vision for the school.
The Methodology

I teamed up with a facilitator to get these educators on the same page. We started with a brainstorming session with the directors to create a structure for the vision. Then, we invited teachers from each department to contribute, making it a fun, collaborative process. I visualized everything on a giant brown paper so everyone could see and contribute to the big picture.

The Outcome

We ended up with an awesome visual that tells the story of the school’s vision. It hangs in the hallway and is on their website – a testament to everyone’s hard work and creative energy!
Plus, the teachers had a blast during the process, and now they all feel like they own a piece of that vision.


Ferry Hogeboom


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