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Visualizing New Business – How to Make Money With Underwater Clean Ups

Transformed a vision for a cleaner ocean into a funded reality, uniting a team and inspiring action through visual storytelling.


About the Organization

The Clean Wave, a non-profit focused on environmental cleanup in Costa Rica.

The Challenge
A passionate diver had a vision for larger-scale underwater cleanups but didn’t have the right team to turn the idea into a concrete plan.
The Methodology

I facilitated a collaborative brainstorming session with key stakeholders, asking questions to clarify their goals, challenges, and potential solutions. I then translated their ideas into a clear and compelling visual story on brown paper.

The Outcome

A shared visual that captured the team’s excitement and mission, securing immediate investment and paving the way for a more organized and impactful approach to underwater cleanups in Costa Rica.


“Fue el inicio de una etapa donde logramos conectar y visualizar todo el trabajo que se venía desarrollando, el inicio de algo grande tan grande que aún la mayoría no logramos dimensionar. — It was the beginning of a stage where we were able to connect and visualize all the work that was being developed. The beginning of something big so big that most of us still cannot encompass it.”
Jason Mendez


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