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Visual Storytelling – Getting Buy-in to link Vertical Silos

Breaking down educational silos to foster collaboration and accelerate progress on key strategic objectives.


About the Organization

The Hague University of Applied Sciences, with multiple educational departments. I worked with the “Hub”, the team that works as a horizontal on these 4 topics: internationalization, globalization, sustainability, and inclusion.

The Challenge
Gaining buy-in from department heads for a new centralized initiative (“The Hub”) designed to support their strategic objectives, and effectively communicating the plan to all staff.
The Methodology

We started with the whole group. The brown paper drawing I created was so powerful we decided to expand the project. In a smaller group meeting, one per theme, I gathered the relevant insights. Through a quick back-and-forth with the teams we created a really original storyline. Can you find the octupos?

The Outcome

A clear, unified strategic message presented through a visual story that resonated with department heads and staff. We created solid collaboration and a shared understanding of the path towards the strategic goals. The ‘Hub’ not only survived its 12 months trial period, it now thrives!


Jackie (Jacqueline) van Mare


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