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Visualizing Education – Classrooms as a Yellow Brick Road

Reimagined school as a “yellow brick road” of learning, empowering educators to break free from administrative burdens and create a more holistic, community-based learning experience.


About the Organization

The team representing a group of 59 primary schools in a city in the Netherlands.

The Challenge
Schools were bogged down by bureaucracy, struggling to collaborate with external partners and provide a broader educational experience beyond the classroom.
The Methodology

Through a series of conversations, I helped the team visualize a new paradigm for education, focusing on the child’s journey rather than just the classroom. This vision was brought to life through a digital drawing, highlighting the potential for learning through sports, arts, music, science, and other community resources.

The Outcome

A shared vision that inspired educators and administrators, leading to a more holistic and adventurous approach to learning. The digital drawing was used to communicate this vision to all 59 schools in the district, fostering a sense of shared purpose and excitement for the future of education.


“Jefta supervised this process with great skill and enthusiasm. By asking relevant questions and drawing images we always got to the core. The image that emerged helped us enormously in communicating with stakeholders in the city.”
Lizette Mijland


Body of Work

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