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Visual Overview – Farming Innovation in Kenya

Bridging the knowledge gap in the vegetable import industry, empowering fair trade through visual storytelling.


About the Organization

A changemaker with a mission to create fairness and transparency in the vegetable trade between Kenya and the Netherlands.

The Challenge
Communicating the complex injustices and information gaps within the supply chain to diverse stakeholders, from Kenyan farmers to Dutch supermarkets.
The Methodology

Through active listening and my unique “9-Field Structure” visual storytelling approach, I synthesized the changemaker’s experiences into a compelling and easily understandable visual narrative.

The Outcome

A powerful visual tool that enables the changemaker to quickly and effectively communicate the complexities of the vegetable trade, fostering understanding and accelerating positive change in negotiations.


“Incredible how you could capture – in just one hour! – my life’s mission into a single visual overview. Love it. “
Arno Jankie


Body of Work

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