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Visualizing Education – How to Excite and Onboard All Educators

Transformed a word-heavy policy report into an engaging theatrical experience, inspiring educators and improving the quality of education in a Dutch city.


About the Organization

The foundation supporting educators in a city with 59 primary schools in the Netherlands.

The Challenge
A new policy report was too boring and ineffective at activating and inspiring educators.
The Methodology

I spent a full day with the team, creating a series of digital drawings that captured the essence of the new policy direction in a visually appealing and engaging way.

The Outcome

The drawings were used in a theatrical production attended by over 300 educators. This innovation sparked excitement and enthusiasm among teachers, empowering them to embrace the new policy and improve the quality of education for their students.


“Werken met Jefta betekent elke keer: veel positieve energie, goeie vragen en toch elke keer weer een stukje magie wanneer hij van al ons verhaal een tekening kan maken. — Working with Jefta means, every time, a lot of positive energy, good questions and magic for every time he somehow pours our story into a drawing.”
Ludy Meister


Body of Work

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