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Visual Clarity – Digital Transformation and How to Involve Customers

Retroactively onboarding outdated user base into the digital era while delighting customers


About the Organization

The international R&D office of a global company specializing in paint-mixing machines.

The Challenge
Their existing customer base was resistant to adopting new digital technology, hindering the company’s growth and innovation potential.
The Methodology

I worked with the R&D team and design visual aids for their after sales teams. Small cards and a grand poster. This way they could involve their current customer base to collaborate in innovation.

The Outcome

A successful global rollout of the visual sales toolkit, resulting in widespread customer adoption of the new digital platform and unlocking new growth opportunities for the company.


“Jefta has been a big support for our team. His creativity was like a fresh wind. Sessions with him were full of energy and progress. Looking forward to more projects together.”
Goran Aleksijovski


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