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Visual Proposal – Creating a Unique Presentation for a Unique Service

With a structured process we quickly came to a clear, compelling visual narrative that resonate with potential clients, showcasing the unique approach, vision, and expertise for Leaders for Solutions.


About the Organization

Working near centers of Dutch policymaking, this boutique consultancy recognized the need for future-focused leadership development within educational institutions.

The Challenge
Passionate about their collaborative approach, they struggled to convey the depth of their transformative potential in words alone. They needed a visual language to communicate their value.
The Methodology

The 9-Field Structure process facilitated a deep dive into the consultancy’s core believes. Despite scheduling challenges, we could integrate the insights of the co-founder through a remote connection. The resulting brown paper visual offered a clear roadmap and sparked more impactful conversations with potential clients.

The Outcome

Their visual story is now digital. It became a important in their face-to-face sales conversation. Individual elements tell compelling micro-stories, reflecting their unique approach and the collaborative power they unlock in educational leaders.


“Wonderful how Jefta was able to capture our vision, DNA, unique approach, our lovely clients and team(!) into a single visual overview.”
Erika Krone


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