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Visual Overview – This City Used United Education to Help Children Thrive After COVID Isolation

This project demonstrated the power of a holistic support network, fostering collaboration between educators, families, and community members. It also provided me with a powerful example for my online course, showcasing my “9-Field Structure” methodology.


About the Organization

Disrupted by COVID-19 lockdowns, a municipality in the Netherlands faced the challenge of addressing learning and social gaps in primary education.

The Challenge
They enacted a plan focused on building a network of support, empowering educators, before/after school care providers, specialists, and families to meet the needs of vulnerable students. Now they only needed a way to communicate their plans.
The Methodology

I used a structured drawing session to capture the essence of the plan. My “9-Field Structure” helped to filter complex information, reveal connections, and visually communicate the program’s core elements.

The Outcome

This visual offered clarity, illustrating the multi-faceted nature of the support system and highlighting the power of collaboration to help children thrive.


“What an amazing experience to go from all the details and stories to a single visual overview that is so colorful and useful. “


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