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Clarify the Vision – Sustainability Reimagined: A Vertical Farming Vision That Feeds the World

Our CEO holds this incredible vision of the future. But it was hard bring this vision across to engineers, marketeers and the person sitting at reception.
With Jefta’s work we now have a vision that we all hold in our hard. You can point at it. It tells you why we do what we do. This has given us so much direction, amazing.


About the Organization

In ‘Westland’ a specific area in the Netherlands known for its quality produce, is a company who delivers robotics and other warehouse logistical solutions. This is how they help farmers export such high volumes!
From this organization comes a vision to feed the world.

The Challenge
The CEO of Logiqs, an industry leader in food production robotics based in the Netherlands, saw the problems in the global food system.
He envisioned a new innovation: indoor farm beds.
But he couldn’t effectively bring across his vision to his company at large.
The Methodology

Working with his business coach I quickly got up to speed with the current business strategy and vision. With a first draft in hand we had the intake conversation with the CEO. This led to the first Brown Paper drawing to present to the company.

After 2 weeks of testing the visual with all colleagues we designed the digital drawing.

The Outcome

The digital drawing is visually stunning and captures attention. There is team buy-in, empowered communication with stakeholders, and a visual anchor for the company’s mission that remains on their website today.


“Finally I have my vision translated to visual. With Jefta’s drawing everybody can now see what I mean. “
Gert-Jan van Staalduinen


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