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Visual Overview – Cut Through Project Chaos and United a Team to Save Pollinators

This project brought clarity and alignment to a diverse team, from satellite engineers to farmers and gardeners. It empowered individuals to understand their role in a larger initiative around bees and pollinators.


About the Organization

Within the Dutch Ministry for Nature and Agriculture there was a complex, multi-stakeholder project on using satellite data to inform a hyper local pollinator initiative.

The Challenge
The “Bee Prepared” initiative faced a significant hurdle: its diverse stakeholders, from technical experts to managers, were struggling to grasp the complex interactions within the project. This hampered collaboration and understanding of the ‘big picture’.
The Methodology

Using a facilitated drawing session, I extracted key information, transforming it into a clear, comprehensive visual overview. This visual revealed connections, simplified technical jargon, and fostered “aha!” moments for participants. Above all: we had fun!

The Outcome

The outcome was a shared understanding, enabling individuals to see their contributions and prompting the team to create their own digital version for broader communication.


“Finally I Can Explain to My Manager What It Is That I Do!”
Team member


Body of Work

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