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Visualizing Digital Transformation – From Strategy to Paradigm Shift

Transformed a complex digital transformation strategy into a simple, customer-focused visual story, securing executive buy-in and igniting a new era for the pension fund.


About the Organization

A well known Dutch pension fund investing in a dedicated team to explore digital transformation.

The Challenge
The team struggled to communicate their one-year research and vision for digital transformation to a wider audience within the organization.
The Methodology

Through two informal conversations, I helped the team visualize the customer journey at the heart of the digital transformation. This became the foundation for a visual story that resonated with the audience.

The Outcome

The visual story was so effective that it was presented twice to a group of over 60 vice presidents, successfully securing their buy-in and paving the way for a significant shift in the company’s approach to customers and digital innovation.


“Jefta has the incredible skill to take in massive amounts of complex information and come up with a simple, clear visual story that captures the essence.”
Ruud Koopmans


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