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Complexity Simplified – Turning Bureaucracy into a Game

This project demonstrates the power of visual storytelling and experiential learning in making complex government processes understandable and engaging for stakeholders.


About the Organization

The Netherlands’ decentralized governance structure requires clear communication and collaboration between national and provincial authorities

The Challenge
A new law created complexity and potential delays in the building permit process. Traditional training methods would have been slow and ineffective.
The Methodology

I worked with a small team from the ministry to translate the law into a clear visual. Kinda like a flowchart, but much better, highlighting key decision points and the interactions between citizens, municipalities, and provinces. This visual became the centerpiece of a serious game, allowing participants to act out the process and build a practical understanding.

The Outcome

The nationwide workshops created an engaging and memorable learning experience. Representatives from all 12 provinces, 800 people in total, quickly grasped the new procedures, accelerating knowledge transfer, and ensuring a smoother transition.


“By working together with Jefta we accelerated the warm transfer of responsibilities and quickly came to the essence of this multi stakeholder collaboration.”
Maaike Moolhuijsen


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