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Ambition Visualized – How This Accounting Firm Unleashed Their Potential

This project demonstrated the power of visual storytelling in unifying a team around a shared ambition. Our collaborative process allowed BOL Accountancy to discover their own vision for the future.


About the Organization

BOL Accountancy fosters a strong company culture in Limburg, where employees value a good work-life balance.

The Challenge
The owner sought to empower his team by letting them define the firm’s future ambition. This move required a strategic and engaging approach.
The Methodology

We collaborated with a strategic consultant to facilitate a unique workshop. While the consultant guided discussions, I captured key themes and employee voices throughout the breakout sessions. I then quickly drafted a preliminary statement of ambition, ensuring everyone was on the same page.

The Outcome

The surprise reveal of the brown paper visual transformed the post-dinner gathering into a moment of collective ownership and excitement. BOL Accountancy’s ambition is now a source of inspiration for the entire team.



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