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Ambition Visualized – How a Dutch Company Builds the World’s Tallest Skylines

This project showcased the power of visualizing complex strategic concepts, turning a day-long meeting into a tangible, inspiring roadmap for Byldis.


About the Organization

Byldis thrives in Brabant’s productive, forward-thinking business climate, embracing innovation with typical Brabant enthusiasm.

The Challenge
Rapid growth fueled a need to define and share a clear strategic direction that maintains focus and continues to inspire the team.
The Methodology

My collaboration with a strategy consultant allowed for in-depth exploration, while my visual distillation captured the leadership’s ambition with immediacy and clarity.

The Outcome

The strategy drawing resonated deeply with the team. They had fun and took lots of photos to show them at home. Its adoption on the company website demonstrates the power of visualization in unifying vision and a strategy. In this way the guide the company to long-term success.



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