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How to Share and Get Buy-in | The 4x i Presentation Tool

HOW to use your visual overview as a COMMUNICATION TOOL.👆

The visual from the video.

Share your visual overview using the 4 x i tool

At all times stay short and concise. Talk as if you are on television: with a ‘period’ after every sentence. Breath in between blocks of text!

1) Introduction

What is it we are looking at? Mention it is a visual overview on WHAT exactly?
Give your audience 3 seconds of SILENCE to just take it in. Your overview is very interesting, give people the space to actually have a look!

2) Index

Mention the topics of your visual story. This is not powerpoint, where your audience consumes your story one slide at the time. This is EVERYTHING at once. Let them know what every area means.
Again: short sentences or you’ll lose your audience interest.

3) Information

Only NOW do you dive into the content of your story. You chose where you begin. Make sure you share in way that is RELEVANT to your audience.
Make this part also short. You could take several minutes PER TOPIC, so stay in touch with your audience by looking at them regularly and pause for breath.
* One of my students reported back that she forgot the word of this third ‘i’. She substituted it with ‘INTO-DETAIL’. I love it! From now on we can also use that one. Thank you Petra de Graaf-Swalue.

4) Interaction

Stay out of the BULL SH*T RADAR. Don’t use “Are there any questions?” or “This was my presentation”.
Do use: “What do you like best?” “What is most relevant to you?” “Do you agree with… the purpose/challenge/values?”

Alternatively: ️Skip the INFORMATION step and go to INTERACTION instead – suggest a topic to talk about. Whatever seems most relevant to your audience. Kinda like in the song A Little Less Information, A Little More Action Please 🎶

Here, I threw in the song below! #inspiration #music 🎶