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Form Follows Function | Use Shape and Direction

Change the shape & direction of your Process Bridge to communicate more meaning. In general:

Form Follows Function

This is a design adagium that dates back in the famous BauHaus school of architecture and industrial design in Germany, before World War II. It means that you first think of the function: ‘what do you want the visual to communicate?’ Then you’ll design the form of the process bridge to support that message. 

Sounds theoretical? Have a look at the following examples from my own work.

Representing the Sales Process

I talked to an IT consultant and this is his sales process. See how there is a clear ‘cut’ in the process bridge? In between step 2 and 3.
That means there is a ‘go – no/go’ moment. A decision has to be made before we can continue the process.

Example: Jefta's Process Proposal - 1

What if you have a LOT of steps in your process?  In this project I had 8 identical sessions that would be the main part of all the work. How to present this visually? 

See if you can cluster the information.

In this project I showed 3 phases  and just wrote in the middle one ‘8 sessions’.  😅

Example: Jefta's Process Proposal - 2

In this example you see the process bridge curve up towards the purpose. The purpose itself is directional and also a little process bridge! 
Kinda like the accelerator arrows on the road in the Nintendo game Mario kart. 🎮

In this case the core message of the visual is to explain a workshop. The process bridge is that: ‘the workshop’. Results are outlined on the right. 


Show how to 'Elevate'

In this drawing, from a previous version of this training, it showed how you as the student have been elevated by the 7 training modules. 

Note that we still work from left to right. But that the start of the arrow is pointed towards us, whereas the end of the arrow points up and away to the right. 

Show 'Elevate' in a different way

This version is a less artistic and more straight forward. Start and then ‘forward is up’!
The people in the back are somewhat smaller, the arrow is somewhat smaller. This gives a sense of perspective. Kinda like a railroad disappearing towards the horizon. 

That’s the purpose of this visual: show that time investment of process and that it will elevate you.

Note how the 9 weeks is represented in the arrow as a ‘start’ – then 7 modules – and an ‘end’. 


There is one more thing that I want to show you about Process Bridges. See you in the next post!