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Apply the Process Bridge | Follow Along

Let’s apply this process bridge to something I’ve mentioned often in the live training: the WEEKLY! πŸ‘†

*The WEEKLY was that one hour every week where me or another visual coach would train students, on an on going basis – 

Grab pen & paper and follow along with the steps. Even if you copy only half of the steps. It’s all hand-eye coordination. By doing the work, you’re practicing your brain pathways. Your job right now is not to ‘get it right’ or ‘make something pretty’. It’s to just follow along this video.  

Notice in the video that I make plenty of small mistakes. That’s OK. The same goes for you. Stick to the steps. Keep adding useful elements. In the end result you might see all the details you’d like different. OTHERS see a stunning overview! 

Visual from the video.

Practical Examples from Jefta's Work

Have a look at these drawings. Identify the process bridge!
See how it’s usually the SUPPORTING structure.Β 

Let’s dive deeper into this concept of using the Process Bridge as a supporting element in your visual. See you in the next post.