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How to make a VISUAL TRANSLATION of the informal sentence you hear. 👇

Take this sentence, the informal description of ‘what we’re doing’. Listen to the 3 types: Icons, Verbs and Concepts. See how the VISUAL TRANSLATION is made.

“We are preparing a SUPER important presentation because we want to CONVINCE our client to take the next step in the project.”

Let’s have a look. Dissecting the sentence into icons/verbs/concepts. 👇 

The visual from the video. 👇



Good to build up your ICON LIBRARY, so you can draw without using much mental space. Be sure to also watch the next lesson!

Verbs and concepts are sometimes one and the same. Do use words to support your visual. No need to be a purist. It’s about CLARITY not art. 🎨

Use a Level 1 cartoon to show WHAT YOU REALLY MEAN.