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How to Take Pictures 📸 Without “Neck Yoga”

With the skills you are learning in this course it comes naturally that you’ll share your work with other. You’ll do that with pictures and videos of your drawings. For example to upload them in Whatsapp. 

Yet sometimes this happens… 👇

See how everybody is tilting their head? It’s call “Neck Yoga”. No bueno.

Here are two best practices in taking and uploading photos of your work.

1) Need Good Light? Hold Your Work Up!

I remember my baby Tyler sitting in his baby chair with a bowl of yoghurt in front of him. To eat that he brought his head to the bowl, leaning forward into his food. Hilarious.

As a child you learn to eat with a spoon and bring your food to your mouth, instead of the other way around.

Yet, this skill apparently doesn’t translate to taking pictures?

Most people leave their paper flat on the table and bend down to take a picture. The problem is you’re casting a big shadow and we can’t see your picture.


Hold your work up next to a light source. Use a clipboard.
Extra benefit is that your smartphone is automatically in the ‘upright’ position. Easy peasy.

2) Take 'More Photo' Then You Need

Always use the native camera app on your phone. It gives you more options. When you take a picture make sure there is plenty of space around your work. 

In other words: take ‘more photo’ then you need.
When you are uploading your work you can crop the image. Do this in the photo editor of your phone, or in Whatsapp just before you press <send>.

See my example below. 👇

There you go! These two practical tips will help you upload photos of your work that are clear and easy to read. 
That’s the way it should be!