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The C.O.RE. Method Explained

What is the C.O.RE. method? When, where and HOW to use it? 👇

Visuals From the Video 👇

I used the C.O.RE. Method in the project with the Strategiefabriek. 👇

C.O.RE. Method Step-by-step

1. COLLECT everything
2. ORDER with your highlighter
3. RESTRUCTURE on a new page

⚡️ Optional is ‘pretty making’. Find more on that in Pro Tip | Make Your Drawing Look Good 🤩

When Do I Use This Method?

Use the C.O.RE. method in discovery conversations for two reasons:
1) The conversation is explorative, the point is yet unclear for everybody.
2) There is too much complexity, lack of overview.

Go ahead and move to the next lesson where you’ll go and practically apply this method.