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Pro Tip | How to Write So Others Can Read

Throughout the years I wanted to improve my own handwriting and make it look good in drawings. In the video below I give you my 7 most useful tips.

And then some eye candy to inspire you!

The 7 Tips to Write with Ease & Confidence so Others Can Read

  1. Pick’n Stick a Font . Write all capitals or primary school font. Whatever you pick: be CONSISTENT.
  2. Write on a Line. It’s easier for you audience to understand the words.
  3. Write Loose Letters. When you write each. And. Every. Single. Letter… you make them more eligible (readable).
  4. Slow Down. Write slowly. Especially when you write capitals, it takes a bit more time. But it’s worth the effort as others can read what you write!
  5. Space Yourself. Train yourself to sometimes stop and look ahead… “Will the next 3 words fit on this line?” If not, already move on to the next one!
  6. Adapt to The Context. Pick a font to fit best to the function on the page. Your title font can be different then the font in the text balloon. Make sure it fits the circumstances, the context.
  7. Write With a Rhythm. Advanced tip: when you use 2 or more ‘base lines’ to write on, your words seem to be very playful, yet still connected. 

Visuals From The Video

Above the artwork from colleague visualizer Robèrt Guérain.

Hand Lettering

Technically the term for writing so pretty it becomes a drawing by itself is “hand lettering”. There are books and whole courses on this topic!  

All very cool’n stuff, but how about we first start with writing so others can actually read! 😅

Below I’ll share just a few more examples of fellow visualizers, for your inspiration.

Above yet again artwork from colleague visualizer Robèrt Guérain. His specialty is writing happy letters. 🤩

Above artwork from colleague visualizer Jessamijn Alberts.
Her letters are not necessary very neat. They are also not of the same size…
But, it’s consistent and that is what makes it look awesome.

I hope these tips and pieces of inspiration help you on your journey. 

Good luck with implementing this! 
High Five! 🖐 Jefta