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Apply the C.O.RE. Method

Visual Interview πŸ‘­

The purpose of this practical exercise is for you to have aΒ visual interview with a fellow student or co-worker.
Follow these simple instructions to practice using the C.O.RE. method.

  1. Contact a fellow student or co-worker and book a 30 minute conversation with them.
  2. COLLECT – You’ll each have 5 minutes to share about your project while the other takes notes
  3. ORDER – Take a few seconds to go over your notes with a highlighter and mark the core + building blocks.
  4. Briefly discuss your decisions.
  5. RESTRUCTURE – Write/draw a new visual overview, take no more than 3 minutes.
  6. Take a photo of your work (no neck yoga!) and gift your visual to your conversation partner. 🎁

Visual Interview - Step by Step Instructions

  • Decide who is A and who will be B.
  • COLLECT everything for A. [5 min]
    A will start and ask B questions. B will answer and A will take notes.
    After 3-5 minutes you’ll reach a natural end of the conversation. SWAP.
  • COLLECT everything for B. [5 min]
    B will asks A questions. A will answer and B will take notes.
  • ORDER – Circle the core and draw squares around the building blocks, all with a highlighter. [2 min]
    Both do this on your own notes, for the other.
  • Share and discuss this briefly. Anything to add? Interesting new insights? Do share a compliment!
  • RESTRUCTURE on a new page [3-5 min]
    Each do this at the same time, have a timer on to avoid perfectionism.
  • Share with each other.
  • Take pictures of all your work, gift the final visual to your conversation partner. 🎁

Now that you have some actual experience you might have some new questions and challenge come up. 

Head over to the next lesson and learn from me and all the students that came before you – avoid our pitfalls, take our shortcuts and use our pro tips to your advantage! πŸ–