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The 9-Field Structure | Explained | First 3 Fields

Let’s start slow. I don’t want to open up a firehose on you. 🧯 
We’ll go over the first 3 out of the 9 fields. Let’s go! 🚒

Did You Watch the Video? 👆

Yes? Then it’s time to practice! ✍️

Grab a fresh sheet of paper and move on to the next video! 👇

The 3 Visuals from the Video

No sneak peak!
First do the work, as instructed in the video above!

[June 2021] Student Malnie Mangal commented on this visual 👆
“Listening to the story behind the visual, isn’t the CORE actually ‘shifting management’s mindset on online retail?'”

Great and valid question!

Answer: Yes.
That could very well be the core or purpose of that story. It depends on who’s perspective you take. 

There is no right or wrong, just choice. Choose the perspective.

In this case I chose the perspective from the way the story was told to me. 
After thinking about it I agree with Malnie and would totally redo the visual (make a new version).  

Here is a page from my visual notes. From during a workshop. Real life notes are supposed to be messy!

Practice Some More!

Watch the videos in the next lesson to practice and ‘get’ this critical skill of filtering information.