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Bottom Line

Understanding all fields is useful. However do “play with it”. It’s not a template where you fill in all the blanks like you’re some sort of robot. Use it at as guide and take suggestions.

Here are the visuals show in the video. πŸ‘‡

Indepth: The Calendar Test

In the video above I touch on it lightly: “Is a purpose directional? Than it’s more like an aim and hangs in the sky. Is practical and can you achieve it?”

When we talk about purpose you can divide them in two categories: directional and practical.

The calendar test will help you check which is which. Is this ‘purpose’ something that can be achieved and written down in your calendar? Than it’s practical. Everything else is directional.Β 

Quick Quiz

JFK’s 1961 speech. “We commit to bring a man to the moon and bring him back safely before the end of this decade.”
Directional or practical?
πŸ‘‰ June 20, 1969 we can put in the Calendar: purpose achieved. Therefore practical! βœ…

Happy Socks. I open the box and brightly colors punch my face. The inside of the box says: “Bringing happiness to every corner of the world.”
Directional or practical?
πŸ‘‰ Will this ever be achieved? Do the calendar test. No, of course not!! Therefore directional! βœ…

The calendar test is useful to pull apart abstract blah blah of the purpose of a project. 

It also allows you to layer multiple perspectives in the purpose field.
Some non profit organizations, for example, serve a societal mission and a have a commercial objective and a purpose for employees. It helps if you can discern if these are hanging in the sky or are firmly planted on the ground!

Examples per Field
from Jefta's Own Work

Bottom Left FieldΒ 

Challenge or Start

The challenge here was the current ‘way of working’ that needed to change. Note how the grey color also tells us: we don’t want this anymore.

Top Right Field | Purpose

See how the icon for vision is floating in the air? It’s directional.
The business building stands firmly on the ground is practical.

Middle from Left to Right |Β 

Time Line

The core is very clear here: farmer & his animals.

The time line goes from left to right. The truck arrives on his farm on the left and leaves heading towards consumers on the right.


In this strategy drawing the digital healthcare component was still the ambition.

Because of this visual the ‘blue cloud’ also became the single point of focus for all different teams within the hospital!

This company’s strategy was spelled as B.R.I.D.G.E. All foundational words, shown as pillars. Oh and it’s also a good example for stakeholders, with the EU map and flags in the top left corner. By the way have a look at their website and how they use this vision drawing on their ‘about us’ page. πŸ‘‰ Byldis about us.

On the horizon (top left) you see all kinds of buildings + companies + icon for Dutch national government. These are all stakeholders.Β 

Practical Steps | To Dos

On the right, framed in green with a 1, 2, 3, are the PRACTICAL STEPS. They show what we are focusing on in this project.Β 

Notice how the steps take up most of the right side of the paper and don’t “just” live in the bottom right corner.Β 
Again, the 9-Field Structure is a guide, not a rigid fill in form.

It doesn't matter what your write or what you draw. It matters WHERE you put it on paper.