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Pro Tip | Make Your Drawing Look GOOD 🤩

This lesson is about the WHY and HOW to make your drawings look GOOD.

Why Make Your Drawings Look Good?

Direct your audience’s attention. It’s less about being artsi-fartsi and more about communication: What do you want to highlight? What do you want screaming of the page?

In the video I mention specific markers. Have a look at the ‘materials’ lesson to see them in more details.

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Banners or ‘Title Frames’

Let me give you 3 types of title banners, a little background from a real waving flag and useful alternatives.

Let’s have a look at banners in real life… Where do they come from? Why do we draw them the way we do? 👇

And below that an example from my own work – using a flag and even a coat hanger to structure information.👇👇

Tags and Labels

A slight variation comes from labels and price tags I’ve seen in stores. Let’s look at a regular price tag, with and without shadow plus a real life example from the Byldis poster. I’d say it’s a useful alternative if you want to put emphasis on words or certain content in your drawing.

To sum it up, here are the 3 types of title banners and a quick way to draw the one with mickey mouse ears.

Frame Your Content

Once you finished the content of your page, you want to give a frame. Lines to guide your audience eyes to see what you want to show them. 

Put dots on the page to guide you when you draw the lines. Look for possible overlap and make it look like your lines disappear behind certain pieces of content. 

Let's Color It Up!

Don’t do this…

Sometimes you through some color down over your text. Only to find that it because an unreadable sludge as if you kid dripped some hot summer day ice cream on your drawing! 

Yes, in some marker this happens. It’s because the marker and the black pen use the same chemical to make it all liquid and runny again… 

Best way to work around this?

Basically first put down the color, than write with your black pen over it.

Pro Tip: Write the text down in the colored marker first. Than you have ‘feel’ for how much area you need. Go and color the entire area. Let it dry. Then write out the text.


Grab one of your drawings, something you’ve made so far. Now put it a title banner, a frame and some color 👉  Make it look GOOD!

Well done! 
See you in the next post.