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A Trained
Engineer & an
Artist at Heart

At Delft University of Technology I have studied aerospace and industrial design engineering. Systems thinking is ingrained in my work process.

After working with over 500 clients and organizations my true training has come from my dedication to constant learning, growth, and improvement in the field.

I often work within the most crucial systems of an organization. I have been exposed to 100s of business models, challenges, and personalities. 

This has led me to be able to create quickly as I generally have a very small learning curve to acclimate to my clients needs.

I’m also a practicing artist who continuously challenges himself to learn new mediums both digital and physical.

Learning to Leverage My Privilege

Blessed with privilege in my education, my social status, and my network I have grown to understand that most people in the world trying to do great things don’t have the necessary support and help they need to make their dreams come true. 

I work hard to leverage my privilege to support change makers.

Volunteering with environmental and social justice organizations is one of the most rewarding gifts I have every received. I believe in the power of giving. I see it as most rewarding to me when I see the visions of the organizations I help become a reality. 

Living in Costa Rica has given me the privilege to work with amazing people in the trenches of protecting and restoring our natural environments. The Clean Wave Foundation’s essential work has gone from a small beach clean up organization to underwater clean ups, mangrove restoration, reforestation, and has been enabled by effectively communicating to the community, partners, and donors how they make meaningful impact. 



The Value of My Experiences

My experience has taught me the value of the state of flow. My wisdom has taught me how to create that state when I meet with my clients.  

Throughout my life and career I have had the opportunity to work with all types of people in many countries, cultures, corporations, and communities. This range of experience has helped me see the commonality in all people. Being able to see this commonality, bring it out in someone, and empowering others to find common ground with each other is my super power. 

I seek to bring not only my skills of design to the table, but also these human skills that help the communities I enter thrive and find joy in the powerful state of flow.

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The Essence

It's All About Clarity

Clarity Creates the Conditions for Powerful Change​

I love giving the gift of Unleashing Your Ability to Execute on Your Visions

Helping you become a powerful change maker in action

Start your Journey to Unleash
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